NEW! GS 1 Databar

Produce identification labeling is rapidly changing due to traceability and Country of Origin requirements. Retailers will soon require their suppliers to begin labeling fresh fruits and vegetables with the new GS1 Databar label format which will eventually replace the 4 and 5 digit PLU labels used in the past.

For many years, growers and distributors would use PLU #3423 to identify individual labeled heirloom tomatoes. Since all suppliers identified heirloom tomatoes with the same PLU number, retailers could not differentiate one suppliers heirloom tomatoes from another.

GS1 Databar enables retailers the ability to track product sales by individual supplier, improve inventory control and eliminate data entry errors at the checkout lanes. Traceability is another important benefit. Retailers will know exactly who supplied the product by simply scanning the barcode.

GS1 Databar is very similar to the UPC barcode. A unique manufactures code and product code are embedded in both barcode symbologies. GS1 Databar is much smaller than the UPC barcode making it possible for us to print small labels specifically designed for fresh fruits and vegetables .

Agri Label & Tag has developed a new label design “shown on this page” that accommodates the GS1 Databar and allows room for your custom imprint as well. There is enough imprint area to include Country of Origin, product identification, PLU number and even your business name or “Certified Organic”. We will imprint anything you want in black ink at no extra cost!

You can even use the AP 65-30 label applicator to apply these labels quickly and efficiently. See the Label Applicator page of our website for more information.

You just can’t order GS1 Databar PLU labels at a moments notice.

Now is the time for you to be proactive by asking your customers well in advance when they will require the  GS1 Databar label format. It is important that you know your customers time frame because you may have to apply for a manufactures identification code from GS1 before we can print labels for you.

Do a Google Search for “GS1 Databar”. You may also want to go to the Produce Marketing Association website for more information.

Top 10

Is your affordable solution to your GS1 Databar and traceability requirements. We’ve attached a link for you to access their website on our home page just beneath the GS1 Databar icon or just click on the label below. We highly recommend you visiting Top 10 and encourage you to join their marketing program.

You can obtain your GS1 Databar, BRAND name your produce and fulfill your traceability requirements through Top 10 Produce. “Its just that simple

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