Picking Tickets, Tags and ID Badges

Our Picking tickets and tags are manufactured with the most durable tag material available. We’ve combined our exclusive tag material with our proprietary ink formulation in order to offer you the most durable picking tickets and tags designed to be used for outdoor applications.

This product resists temperature, moisture, abrasion and harmful ultraviolet rays for up to three years of outdoor use depending on it’s use.

Applications for this product includes:

Row identification tags.
Picking tickets to collect piece rate information for employee payroll.
Retailing produce like asparagus and celery that is sold in bunches.

The tags are perforated every 2 inches and wound on rolls. Inside core size is 3″, Maximum outside diameter of the roll can vary up to 8″. The number of tags per roll also varies depending on quantity ordered.

Picking Tickets

If you pay your employees piece rate when harvesting your produce, our picking tickets may be the ticket for you.

We custom imprint the information you want on these tickets including barcodes of any symbology for automated payroll systems. No matter how complex or simple the printed copy is, we will design and provide the picking tickets you need for payroll data collection needs.

Identification Tags

Because every tag order is custom imprinted per your specification, they are very versitle and can be used for many agriculture related applications.

Identification Badges

You may be using an automated payroll system like the one offered by T3 Technologies that collects data digitally with hand held data collection devices. These automated systems collect the employee’s information “clock number” by scanning barcodes printed on picking tickets or ID badges.

Our identification badges are very durable and withstand the extreme outdoor elements. The ID badge material is the same as most credit cards (30 mil thickness) and measures 2 1/8″ wide by 3 3/8″ long. Every ID badge has a slot at the top to facilitate the strap clip. The strap clip is then attached to the ID badge and clips anywhere on the employee’s wearing apparel for easy scanning.

ID badges are not imprinted. Instead, you apply a special custom imprinted label to each tag and the ID badge becomes the employee’s unique form of identification.

We can sequentially number each ID badge label and encode the number in the barcode.

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